Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lorex LNC104 LIVE Ping Wireless Network Security Camera

I bought this wireless network camera as a camera for a weekend house. The camera works flawlessly and has many more features than I had expected. After set up on the wireless mode, the camera can be put anywhere in the house and routes through my Apple Extreme router. 

Overall, it probably took me less than 10 min to set up the camera and begin to get familiar with it. Since then I've played around with other features and am discovering more of it's capabilities. Besides the wireless mode, another feature that I've tried is remote viewing from anywhere there is the internet (hence almost everywhere in the world). I also bought a Micro-SD card (highly recommended) for the camera and like the ability of the camera to record pics and videos onto the card either motion activated (loads of choices there also) or at regular intervals. These pics can also be remotely viewed. I also like the email feature that emails pics (again in my case motion activated) to an email account, again with loads of choices regarding how many, how many frames per second, etc. so as to not get thousands of pics on your email (I set up a gmail account specifically for this purpose; user manual gives specific directions for setting it up so it will work, and it did the first time. 

So far these are the features that I've set up; and another awesome thing is you can use these features simultaneously, e.g., have it record on the micro-SD card and email, etc. The user guide has great directions for setting up this camera, including suggestions about what you might want to do when just starting out and what is more advanced. This camera exceeds my expectations, so much so that I'm going to get another for the outside of the property and maybe even another for inside.

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