Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Review - BLACK + DECKER CHV1410L 16V Cordless Lithium Hand Vac

I ordered this to replace an old small basic Black & Decker. I have always liked having a dust-buster around for quick vacuuming - it can be a pain to pull out the big vacuum for small jobs. I like the attachment functionality.  The brush and tube extension is now built into the device instead of coming as separate pieces. I also like the increase in suction power. Besides, the dustbin can be quickly emptied from the front by removing the duct or completely detached for more thorough cleaning.

This is also the ideal cordless vacuum for keeping a car clean. I have a Shark cordless and while it's powerful enough, it's too bulky to get into those tight spots. The Black & Decker has an extendable snout which is perfect for cleaning between the seats and sill. Another thoughtful feature is the snout rotates 90 degrees. A handy built in brush swivels in place when needed.
Around the house, the long protruding snout makes it easy to clean those cob webs that seem to accumulate in every corner. I wouldn't expect to thoroughly vacuum my whole house with it, but I've gone room to room with it, collecting up all of those annoying little dust bunnies that appear, and all of the crumbs and discarded food my toddler and teenaged son tend to drop.

I am really impressed with this hand-held vacuum. It is lightweight, versatile, and very powerful. It has turned out to be the best handheld vacuum I've ever owned. I would definitely recommend to anyone in the market.

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