Monday, December 31, 2012

Zojirushi Breadmaker BB-CEC20

I don't bake, I don't even really "cook" much at all but I love this bread machine, which I received as a gift. At first I was very overwhelmed by it but after making my first loaf of bread I loved it, it is so freaking easy. I use it in conjunction with "The Bread Lovers Bread Machine Cookbook," as well as recipes from the booklet that came with the machine. 

I purchased this product in late September 2011 and have made five different types of bread including regular, wheat-free/gluten-free, and a quick bread. I am absolutely thrilled with this machine. This is my first bread machine. It saves time, eliminates messing up counters, greatly reduces the amount of dirty baking utensils and dishes, and it basically performs all functions, the mixing, kneading, rising, and baking, without human intervention. I just put my sixth loaf in tonight, whole wheat bread this time, and it will be ready for my husband for breakfast. It's 8:30 p.m. and who in their right mind would bake from scratch at this late hour, but with this machine you can set it up and it does all the work. The machine is quiet and my husband, who is watching TV, doesn't even notice it running. It does not seem to produce a lot of external heat, so your counter tops should be undamaged. It did take me a little while to understand the control panel, but I can't operate an automatic coffee maker either. I bought a gluten-free bread baking book that focused on this model and that taught me how to set up the the homemade memory function, which I found easier for my old brain to understand.

We live in a rural area and it feels good to not have to run miles to town for bakery and to be able to have endless variety at my fingertips from my own machine anytime I wish. I haven't had any problems with under-baking, over-baking, poor mixing, or extremely light or dark crusts. I'm really looking forward to making many more things with my Zojirushi.

For more information and the great price, please click the link below to Walmart. Thank you.

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