Friday, December 7, 2012

DEWALT DC970K-2 18-Volt Drill/Driver Kit Features & Review

I bought this Dewalt-drill-set  for my husband to use, but I actually use it often as well.  I'm glad that I chose this one, as it works really great, and my husband said, it has all the power-we-need for the jobs around the house.

First, it comes with two batteries. This means that once you drain one, you can flip to the other battery and keep drilling. You won't lose valuable time on the job waiting for your battery to recharge. These batteries got long lasting charge; I've been able to go a full day without swapping. It takes only 30 minutes for recharge. We enjoy the fact that the charger-tells you how much charge the battery has, and if the charging is done.

This machine comes with great torque adjustment for just about any job you throw at it. The drilling power and speed is extraordinary. You will effortlessly drive your drill bit in and out, with little to no resistance from the wood, metal, dry wall, or whatever you are drilling.  The locking sprocket mechanism is great because it ensures the drill stops exactly when you want it to. The keyless chuck is VERY heavy duty and maintains a pretty tight grip on the drill bit. This means you won't bury your bit in the wood only to have the chuck let go and leave your bit behind. The drill's housing is heavy duty and will withstand countless drops and keep on ticking.

We've been using it for numerous projects from hanging pictures, mounting TV's, all the way to bolting down equipment by drilling wholes into the concrete. The drill has lasted through the abuse-and-torture we have put it through, and it keeps on going.

Overall, this drill is powerful yet lightweight enough that a petite size female like me can use with ease. It's been 2 years since we owned and started using it often,  My husband and I are very satisfied with the sturdy construction, powerful high-performance, ease of use, and the low price. In my opinion, this machine is great for any standard projects, and it's a "must have" for any household. I would highly recommend it.

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