Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sony ICF-C05IP 30-Pin iPhone/iPod Clock Radio Speaker Dock with AC Power Adapter

This convenient, bedside iPod dock/clock radio from Sony is just what you need to wake up to songs on your iPod or iPhone. The space-saving design is perfect for your nightstand, and you can choose between the radio, iPod, or buzzer to start your day.  Your iPod or iPhone will charge while docked to help you avoid a drained battery, whether you're listening or not. When you wake up ready to go, your device will be, too.

I used one of these in a motel recently and decided I had to have one. It is so handy to charge my phone while I sleep. It is right there at my bedside so I never forget to charge the phone and what's more, I don't have to go looking for it should it ring before I get up! Great item and not all that expensive.

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