Friday, May 26, 2017

Black and Decker 40V Max Lithium String Trimmer

I previously had a plug in string trimmer, which was quiet but lacked power and had the cord to drag around. I upgraded to a gas powered model a few years ago, which gave me power and no cord, but came with the cost of being hard starting, loud, smelly, and a lot of arm numbing vibration. I got this string trimmer after a lot of research and have found it to be absolutely fantastic so far. 

This is my first battery operated trimmer and I'm impressed.  In my point of view, this Black & Decker machine is the best of both models without the drawbacks. The trimmer is well made and feels sturdy. The Weight is completely manageable and probably 30% lighter than the gas powered Weed Eater. 

The power is extremely good for a battery powered trimmer and edger. I was able to cut through some thick grass and weeds around a fence line without even increasing the power to level 6. The battery takes about 1 hour to come to full, and it lasts for 25 minutes in thick grass with no power loss until the end of battery power. There is a battery indicator on it, which is nice to see how much more stuff I can mow over. 

One of my favorite features is the huge reduction in vibration over a gas trimmer. My arms and shoulders don’t get numb and painful, like they do near the end of my yard work while using a gas model. It's hard to get too excited about having to do yardwork, but with the right tool, I was pretty stoked to get out and clean up my weeds, and this thing didn't disappoint. 

Overall, this machine is lightweight, sturdy, powerful, and the battery life is excellent.  It is exactly what I needed.  As a satisfied customer, I would highly recommend it.

For more information and the great deal, please click the link below to Walmart. Thank you.

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