Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor - My Fitness Companion

I purchased this after working out for more than a year at least three days a week. I was leaving the gym tired-and-sweaty, but it seemed things had plateaued. I decided on this watch because of the reviews, price, and the consumer-replaceable battery.

I was pleased to open up the Polar box and find that the FT4 is petite and fit perfectly on my wrist. Then I pulled out the chest strap and transmitter and was happy to find that the washable chest strap was a fabric one and the transmitter wasn't gigantic. I pulled out the instruction manual and had my watch setup - it's that intuitive and that easy. You plug in your height, weight, age and gender after inputting the correct time and date, and that's about it.

As per the instructions, I wet the electrodes on the chest strap before putting it on. I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it felt underneath my sports bra and that the transmitter didn't get in the way. While working out, the band didn't rise up or bother me in the least. Nor did the watch itself - I barely noticed that I had it on.

The screen is actually quite large and you know exactly what your BPM's are, at any given time without having to stop to press a button.  It automatically set my heart rate zone for me, based upon the information that I put in. During your workout, it will beep when you are out of zone so you can adjust your intensity to fit it. At the end of my workout I was pleased to see an easy to read display of my calories burned, my average heart rate, and my max heart rate,   It was nice to be able to look and see what I had done, and how long I had done it for. This Hart-Rate-Monitor stores your workout files and show how much you've down over time with a bar graph. I'm not sure how many it can keep.  I've only had it for a couple weeks now and it still has all the entries from the first day.

Overall, this watch is really helpful and useful.  My workouts are more productive, as I now know when I should be pushing-myself-harder and when to slow down, and I'm noticing an improvement in my average heart rate the more I exercise.   It even motivates me to keep running and try to burn more calories when I see the calorie burn counter increasing.  This watch is just simple, reliable, and comfortable.  I can't imagine working out without it now. I would highly recommend this to anyone that are looking for a tool to improve their fitness.

For more information and the great deal for this product, please click the link below or visit Walmart.  Thank you.

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