Monday, July 7, 2014

Review - Sodastream, Homemade Soda in Minutes

I ordered this kit for 2 purposes, to cut back on all the plastic bottles of soda water i'd purchase, and for my kids to have some fun with. It has been in daily use so far and we are very entertained by it. I took it to our company party and my co-workers enjoyed it so much. I personally am not too focused on the cost to benefit ratio but it is cheaper than many other drink items, and other forms of family entertainment, for sure.

The Sodastream is a simple and effective device that carbonates water, resulting in seltzer water or club soda. Just fill a supplied polycarbonate bottle with tap water, chill the water, screw it in to the machine, press the button for a few time of beeps, and it's done.

This kit comes with 6 sample flavors to try, each making 1 litre of soda, includes root beer, orange, lemon lime, diet cola, pink diet grapefruit and red bull. You can also buy other sampler-packs to find what you like. I like the lemonade and the root beer flavors so far. My kids and I are fairly experimental here. We have actually carbonated all kinds of things already. We carbonated fruit punch from the refrigerator section at the grocery store. It is great! We carbonated a sweet white wine and it tasted kind of like champagne. And tonight we carbonated iced green tea, and it is surprisingly good!!!


I had been buying flavored seltzer water on a weekly basis for years. With the Sodastream, I'm so glad that I can do it on demand now. Besides,  I love that I'm not filling up my recycling container with plastic bottles too.

In conclusion I love the Sodastream system. I have used it for several months and have had NO problems. Go for it and you will not be disappointed. For more information and the best price with free shipping, please visit Walmart.  Thank you.

·         Transform ordinary tap water into fresh, great-tasting soda or sparkling water in less than 30 seconds
·         Choose from over 60 better-for-you regular, diet and all-natural soda mix varieties with no high-fructose corn syrup and no aspartame
·         Each bottle of soda mix makes up to 12 liters of soda (33 cans)
·         Requires no electricity, no batteries and no clean up

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