Sunday, April 23, 2017

Fujitsu Image Scanner ScanSnap iX500 for PC/Mac/Mobile

I bought and used a dozen low end small buisness scanners over the years. It was always frustratingly slow and easy to get paper jam when you had a stack of papers to scan. After thoroughly researching online, I purchased this for my home office to be connected to my MacBook, so that I can perform scans for documents and paperwork to reduce desk clutter efficiently.  I have used it for a couple of months now, and it far exceeds my expectations.

First of all, the Installation of the Fujitsu iX500 on my Mac was easy. I unboxed it, hooked it up, installed the software, and it was ready to scan to my MacBook, ipad, and iPhone in 15 minutes,  Then  just insert the document, push the blue button on the scanner, and the app pops up on the computer and it starts scanning. Once the document is scanned, it appears in a ScanSnap folder which is automatically created in your "My Documents" folder.

The Fujitsu  iX-5-hundred Scanner works great in receipts scanning and organizing reports and statements.  It also crops and centers the pages that are not feed straight. This is by far the fastest and most accurate scanner I have ever seen. I always had to manually review what was scanned, because the sheet feeder would grab multiple sheets.  With Fujitsu  iX500,, the issue was gone. You can scan different sizes, poor quality paper originals all together. It automatically scans both sides and knows to disregard blank pages. It even warns you if you send something through with a sticky note attached to it, and gives you a chance to keep the image or rescan it. If you have certain words on your document highlighted, you can choose an option which will make those keywords searchable after scanning. And there is an option to make the entire scanned PDF searchable as well. You can also scan to Word, excel, or other formats rather than just PDF.  The image quality is fantastic. It will auto scan color, and the colors are true.

This scanner opens up to scan all 8.5 inch wide documents, but It's small enough that I just put it on the corner of my desk.

Overall, this compact scanner is surprisingly fast, reliable, durable, and user friendly. It makes life easier for me.  As a happy customer, I would highly recommend it.

For more information and the best price, please click the link below to Walmart.  Thank you.

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