Sunday, April 9, 2017

Soyajoy G4 Soy Milk Maker - Newest Model for Making Milks From Beans, Almond, Hemp, and Others

I bought this Soymilk Machine after buying 2-3 liters of soymilk at the supermarket and randomly wondering how much it would cost to produce it myself; needless to say the markup for organic soymilk is bombastic and absurd.

Compared to the rest of the appliances in my kitchen, this thing seems like it has a mind of its own: grind a little here, grind a little there, and occasionally give a little wiggle on my countertop (it still stays quite firmly planted). After a half hour the device beeps contentedly, letting me know the milks ready.

My first batch of rice milk ended up with the consistency of heavy cream, and an amazing savory flavor and natural sweetness that rice milk at the supermarket just doesnt have. Its also a brilliant icy white, as opposed to the stuff at the store that has a rather grey color. I had no problem consuming it all in a day and wondering where it went the day after.

My first batch of soy milk was refreshingly unadulterated, warm from the machine.  It has an inviting texture and deliciously clean finish, cold out of the fridge. It’s just as good, and with a little agave I think its actually better than silk. okara is left behind during its manufacture, which is a fluffy cream colored soybean paste that i cant find any immediate uses for, but doesnt disappoint when added to the things I cook.  When I added it to marinara I was simmering, it adulterated the color a little but made the sauce much thicker and more adherent to pasta.

My first batch of almond milk was delicious.  The consistency is that of soymilk and the byproduct can be salvaged, salted, and spread onto bagels as almond butter! 

Clean up is easy, the device includes a scrub brush and an abrasive sponge to do the job.

If you're on the fence about this, and you like soy milk, you should definitely try it out. This machine takes all the work out of it and delivers a consistently delicious beverage at a fraction of the cost of the stuff at the store.

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